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ROC.KIT 1.2.1
This application allows for automated calculation of ROC curves (Receiver-Operating-Charateristic) from continuous medical data like laboratory results.


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New version 1.2.1 with corrections in the import feature (06-V-2006)

Download with SourceCode (380 KB)

Short User's Guide

Additional information is available at the SourceForge ROC.KIT project page.

Don't confound ROC.KIT with the ROCKIT application from the Kurt Rossmann Laboratories for radiologic image research, University of Chicago. The latter program also facilitates the calculation of ROC-curves, but it is optimized for the assessment of imaging techniques, while ROC.KIT ist intended for the evaluation of continuous variables like biochemical or electrophysiological parameters.

Another application for calculating a ROC curve on Macintosh and Windows computers is ROC analysis by Marley Watkins (Pennsylvania State University, College of Education), which uses a non-parametric approach for graphing the Receiver Operating Characteristic curve and calculating the Area Under the Curve (AUC).

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